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Roblox Doors Script – AntiCheat Bypass

Doors Script Roblox
New Script for Doors on Roblox, many features including ESP, ignore the eyeballs and tons more.

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					-- script 1
-- script 2
local a=game:GetService'ReplicatedStorage'local b=
[[]]local c=
game.GameId local d=game.PlaceId if c~=2440500124 then return end if not game:
IsLoaded()then game.Loaded:Wait()task.wait(4)end task.wait(1)local e=a:
WaitForChild('GameData',10):WaitForChild('Floor',10).Value if d==6516141723 then
elseif d==6839171747 then if e=='Hotel'then loadstring(game:HttpGet(b..
'places/hotel.lua'))()elseif e=='Rooms'then loadstring(game:HttpGet(b..
'places/rooms.lua'))()end end local f=(syn and syn.queue_on_teleport)or
queue_on_teleport if f then f('loadstring(game:HttpGet("'..b..

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